New online global business community China Business Forum gears up for May 25 launch

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Exclusive business resource operated by European serial entrepreneur Jari-Pekka Raitamaa poised to become world’s virtual headquarters for SME’s interested in doing business in China.

Hong Kong, China – May 20, 2016 – Preparing for a May 25 launch date and in response to business environments becoming more competitive and world economic forecasts being discussed in the boardrooms of businesses all across the globe, China Business Forum represents an exclusive business resource dedicated to becoming the world’s leading online and offline community for SME’s interested in doing business in China.

As created by Hong Kong-based Business Globalizer Limited and operated by European serial entrepreneur Jari-Pekka Raitamaa, China Business Forum’s mission is to organize and develop events around the world in order to provide small to medium and enterprise-level businesses more access and more opportunities to do business in China. The company also organizes a matchmaking service for putting Chinese suppliers and manufacturers together with appropriate buyers from around the World; as well as connecting international business students with companies and opportunities in China.

“Our online community is built on ideas, innovation and the notion of helping one another to ensure the success of everyone who joins,” says Raitamaa. “To that end, it makes sense to look to a social and economic powerhouse like China for the future of many businesses; that’s where China Business Forum is going to come into play and provide the answers many seek. Whether a business owner is looking for a manufacturer or supplier or perhaps he or she has a product but is looking for a wider audience, China Business Forum is going to be the place to start. Every day, we will be dedicated to connecting business owners from all over the world with resources in China, providing them the best, most effective start in China’s dominating foreign economy.”

The online community will be free to register with and will offer a range of premium membership options. Further, an Events section of China Business Forum’s website will allow members to pre-register – free of charge – for summit-like meetings in global locations such as Barcelona, Spain; Helsinki, Finland and London.

The discussion forums themselves, at the heart of China Business Forum’s online portal, are broken up into Community, Business Forums, Events and Marketplace sections, with the Business Forums section boasting such sub-categories as General, E-commerce, Sourcing & Manufacturing and Startup. It is in these areas that members can discuss general business topics, ask for advice and assistance and learn all there is to know about starting a business in China.

“All we ask of our potential new members is to sit down and question whether or not it’s time for their business to join the world’s second-largest economy,” concludes Raitamaa. “By signing up with China Business Forum, these members will be able to join the thousands of others who are enjoying new business relationships with Asia’s commerce leader.”

More information about China Business Forum can be obtained by visiting

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